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Some people think that wearing recent fashion trends is shallow fashion. While I wholeheartedly disagree, this implies there is some universal “classic” fashion standard and any departure from that standard is shallow.

But, loves, what these people don’t understand is that recent trends are what makes fashion so fun. For me, layering a recent fashion trend on top of a little black dress is what being fashionable is all about: making the basics reflect my life and personality, not the other way around.

Gifts for the Men in Your Life…

scarf socks beanie sweater watch

Shopping for the men in my life is quite fun…I must admit!

The best thing about shopping for boys is that there are some super cute and comfy things out there for them…and when you’re shopping for them you’re kind of shopping for yourself too. Come clean girls, wearing their comfy sweaters and sweatpants is super fun. 

It’s that time of year again where you get to pick up some super cute favorites for…you both. Perhaps one of my absolute must haves for a man…a scarf. Ugh. It just takes sexy to a whole new level for me and I’m not quite sure why but I love it. Another holiday favorite…when guys can be playful and wear some cute socks that are a constant reminder that the holidays are here and it’s time to cuddle. If he doesn’t like cuddling…force it. It’s the holidays and he’s going to have to learn to cuddle during the holidays! You’ll also want to pick up a reindeer antler beanie for him and if he’s really in the spirit he might wear it out on your next date night! That would be super cute!

Have fun shopping for the amazing men in your life girls  and boys <3.

Night on the Town with Gigi Hadid…

gigi hadid white coat white jeans

Gigi Hadid really knows how to look like a model…even off the runway!

The girl can dress and I’m quickly becoming a huge fan of her super chic outfits. Gigi always looks so well put together yet effortless and that’s a darling combination. Whether she’s hitting the gym or going to dinner in West Hollywood, she looks absolutely stunning.

Who knew a simple pair of white ripped jeans could look so classy…I suppose Gigi. The Victoria Secret model added a long sleeved crew neck top to the look as well. However, what really takes this outfit to the super darling level that I love is the white coat. I’m simple when it comes to colors and if I had my way I’d always go for whites, neutrals, soft pinks, and peach. It’s pretty simple to see why I love this look so much, Gigi has put together an outfit of all my favorite colors.

For many, neutrals and soft pinks aren’t exactly fall colors but it really doesn’t matter what the season is. You’ll always want to go with colors that look the best on you and trust me, we all have that one. Perhaps I’ll do a future post on how to find the right hue for you! 😉

All That Glitters is Not Gold…

gold blazer gold clutch gold gown gold sneakers gold watch

All that glitters is not gold but if it looks like gold…it’s good enough!

I’m not quite sure why but anything super shimmery always makes me happy around the holidays. Perhaps it’s because growing up our Christmas tree was always drenched in golden ornaments, and ribbons. I don’t really even know how to explain how warm this color makes me feel around this time of the year. Of course, this magical color is also traditionally associated with Christmas so a lot of you may feel the same as I do. All I know for certain is my tree has always and will always be drenched in this sparkly color…no matter what the rest of the color scheme is.

Flickering ribbons and ornaments aren’t the only things reminding me that Christmas is here. I also like adding this festive color to my wardrobe. Adding a little bit of gold to an outfit can really make you look classy and festive without being over the top. Just with anything, practice discretion and remember when it comes to gold…less is more! A cute sparkly clutch and twinkly nails are the perfect touch of shimmer. You may even do a golden gown if you’re heading off to a fancy Christmas party but you’ll definitely want to dress down the gold gown with some neutral accessories.

These little dazzlers also make for some great gifts…enjoy!

Tory Burch Sale…

Tory Burch Sale...

tory burch sale shoes

Tory. Burch. Sale. Enough said!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


Jennifer Lawrence Chic on a Working Girl Budget…

ice blue dress jennifer lawrence red lips

Jennifer Lawrence has quickly become one of my favorite celebrities, mostly because she’s super funny…but the girl knows how to dress!

The first time I saw Jennifer was in Silver Linings Playbook and I seriously fell in love with her. I thought she was super cute and she really has such a great attitude. Shortly after falling foe Jennifer I noticed she was quickly becoming some of my favorite celebrity fashion moments. 

My latest favorite Jennifer fashion moment came at the screening for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 in Beijing, China, on Wednesday. The Oscar winning actress wore a Christian Dior Couture gown in ice blue with a flock that trailed the floor. She opted for simple red for her lips and a glossy, matching, polish…both which looked great against her slightly bronzed skin. 

Jennifer can’t do much wrong as far as I’m concerned…whether it’s on the red carpet or as she’s walking (and tripping) on her way to accept an Oscar. The funny girl gets up, dusts herself off, and continues walking towards her goals. I will never not be a Jennifer Lawrence fan!

I hope everyone had a great week and has an even lovelier week ahead…be safe!

Adding a Soft Touch to a Trucker Jumpsuit…

khaki tory burch watch perfume glasses

I love jumpsuits and am especially fond of the trucker jumpsuit, however, I feel as though at times it can seem a bit unkept. While looking a little messy is great adding a feminine touch to something as harsh as a trucker jumpsuit might be a lovely way to go.

When putting any look together attention to detail seems to be quite important…because, while the outfit is the focus the details are what put the look together. I love accessorizing an edgy fit with soft pink accessories because they instantly take any outfit to a super delicate place.

I decided to accessorize this trucker jumpsuit with a simple pair of soft peach earrings and one of my favorite watches from Ashford. We all know a great pair of shoes can make the outfit and that’s never been more true because these Christian Louboutin strappy sandals really transform. The Tory Burch bucket bag is of course a nice touch, you can never go wrong with Tory if you ask me and the Valentino “Uomo”, a soft smoky scent that can only be described as enticing, is the perfect finishing touch.

Of course just as with everything else in life, use discretion…add and take away whatever makes you, well you. 

Nordstrom Shoe Sale…

ankle boots

It’s always so warm here in L.A. that wearing cute sandals all year round is not super ridiculous! 

I was wearing sandals up until last week when I started noticing my little toes were freezing by the end of the day. So of course, it was time to bring out all my favorite boots. I think just about everyone knows how obsessed I am with thigh high boots but if I could pick a second favorite, and I can, so I do, I’d have to say ankle boots are super sexy.

A pretty pair of ankle boots can really bring an outfit together. My favorite thing about the ankle boot is it’s ability to add a much needed edge to just about anything in my wardrobe. I can wear my favorite ankle boots with a pair of jeans and a warm cozy top and look completely effortless. Or, I can wear them with a favorite skirt and turtleneck and look completely chic. There’s really no wrong way to wear an ankle boot…really.

If you have ankle boots hiding in your closet it’s time to take them out and play…and if you don’t, well, Nordstrom is having a super amazing sale on these favorites.

Have a safe and lovely weekend!

Vamp Weekend: Fall’s Hottest Makeup Look

If you thought the vamp look when out in the 90s, think again. Just one glance at a fashion magazine or runway show reveals that brooding is back. But executing this makeup trend without coming off as a Tru Blood extra takes a deft hand and the right products. 

Embrace the Darkness

While fall usually sees a shift from summer’s happy hues to darker shades, lipstick trends plunged to dramatic new depths this season. Uber-moody shades like oxblood, plum, Bordeaux, and blackberry showed up everywhere from Marc Jacobs to Carolina Herrera, with Giles, Bottega Veneta, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Marchesa, and Emanuel Ungaro also getting in on the dark lip action.

If you’re ready to experience the power of the dark side for yourself, Vincent Longo Demi Matte Velour Lipstick offers crave-worthy color in a high-shine gloss — the embodiment of gateway goth. My other favorites include Dolce & Gabbana’s deliciously dark Dolce Matte Lipstick in Jealous and the totally of-the-moment metallics of bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipstick in Live Large . Meanwhile, long-lasting formulas like Lipstick Queen ‘Bete Noire’ offer a rich, velvety texture, and stay on for hours with just a single swipe.

To help color go on smoothly without annoying flaking, prep your pout first with a lip scrub like sara happ ‘The Lip Scrub and lip balm — I recommend stila ‘lush lips’ water plumping primer.

One last word of advice? If you’re looking for intense, take-no-prisoners color, start by lining lips in a matching lip pen before filling in with color straight from the tube. For a more subtle look, apply lipstick over your lower lip, then purse your lips together to distribute the color.

Beyond the Pale

Just as fresh-off-the-beach tans start to fade, fall comes to the rescue with the perfect companion to this season’s dark lip: dreamy, pale, winter skin. Meet your new best friend: NARS’ Radiant Creamy Concealer. It goes on smooth — even on dry, dehydrated winter skin. Even better? If has the most subtle hint of shimmer so you don’t end up with that flat, lifeless look.

MAC ‘Studio Fix’ Fluid Foundation and Vincent Longo Liquid Dew Finish Foundation are all about beautiful coverage, while Clinique ‘Stay Matte’ offers a natural matte finish worthy of Bella Swan herself.

And remember: the pale face/dark lip look can come off heavy-handed, so keep the rest of your makeup minimal.

One last time for keeping the look super-fresh? Skip the slicked back bun and go for tousled, beachy waves or a sloppy bun instead. After all, even vampires like to cut loose every now and then.

Sweater Pants Weather…

Oh sweater pants weather…we’ve missed you!

So I go outside today and I notice there’s this weird liquid coming down from the sky…what is it I wondered. 

After many months of seeing absolutely zero rain it was so nice to actually wear sweater pants today and feel super cuddly. I absolutely love the rain and so does everyone in my family. We get cozy, mom makes soup, and of course we have some warm tea right before bed. The rain is kind of a big thing for us. I grew up in Armenia where it was super cold and there was always snow during winter. The cold reminds me of my grandmother and cuddling up to her as a little girl, so of course I absolutely love the rain and I wish for snow, every year.

My go to when it’s cold, is always a warm pair of sweater pants. Although, sweater pants have become so chic one doesn’t have to wear them inside anymore, proves Kendall Jenner. The beautiful Kendall was wearing a pair of tweed sweater pants when she was spotted in LAX and as always, she looks effortless. 

Can’t wait to see what other fun things celebrities will be wearing this fall…during these cold months!

Workout Like Supermodel Gigi Hadid…

Gigi Hadid sports bra workout

Gigi Hadid sports bra workout

Gigi Hadid sports bra workout

Gigi Hadid sports bra workout

Gigi Hadid sports bra workout

If you’re anything like me you’ve been eating a lot of candy for the last few days but since it was all for Halloween…it’s all okay.

Unfortunately, Halloween is over and it’s back to reality so now it’s time to work off those excess calories from binge eating. While I have not been crazy about working out in the past lately I have been super into fitness and am looking into Pilates and yoga. So of course I have been searching for cute workout clothes to get me even more motivated. Let’s face it…if you know you’re looking cute you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Gigi Hadid in this super cute workout gear is such motivation! Simple workout outfit with a bomber jacket and some Yeezy 350’s to complete the look. Gigi herself has a great reason to keep her body in shape because the beautiful model of the moment will be walking in the Victoria Secret fashion show this year and she’s super excited about it…and I am super excited to see her in it.


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I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween and are ready to get back in shape just in time for Thanksgiving!