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Love a good pump sale…how gorgeous are these!


How to Enhance Your Brown Eyes…

If you were blessed with brown eyes you’re in luck because brown is a blend of all the essential colors, giving you a lot of options to work with. Whether it’s your mascara, eye shadow, or liner, playing around with different hues is a great way to make your eyes pop.

If you want to add a little twinkle to your eyes warm metallics are going to be your new favorite because they will reveal the slightest implication of gold undertones and keep your eyes sparkling. There are some people who seem to have a natural flicker in their eyes and it looks super glamorous. With this trick you’re eyes will be just as darling.


This golden green hue is another go to for brown eyes. Although this is going to give you a bolder look so perhaps it’s more of a nighttime look. Or, if you really want to include it in your day routine, sweep some on your lids, slightly. You’ll still get the gorgeous golden green color but it won’t be super bold.


Yes, this is eyeliner, take my word for it. I am currently obsessed with Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner because it goes on super easy and stays put for hours, and it’s smudge proof. This purple shade is perfect for brown eyes, and if you really want to give your eyes that extra something, apply the liner to both the top and bottom lids.


When it comes to mascara eggplant, purple, and even your basic black are all great contenders! The purple shades will be slightly different than the usual black but it will really make your eyes stand out. Play around with these three colors and see which shade gets you the most compliments ;)!



Khari Lemuel

With a voice so soulful Khari Lemuel gives hope with words of such positivity. His music is very uplifting and when you listen to his words you’re overcome with forgiveness, for yourself and others. Not only are his words powerful but his voice is smooth and calming which makes me welcome his message of peace. The background harmonies are peaceful and are similar to those of the Impressions. He is trained in classical music and is able to play the cello, as well as the flute, violin, and much more. Classical music has always been enriching, combine that with Khari’s message and it really will transform the way you feel. Khari himself is a gentle soul that isn’t about the fame, he’s one of the few that’s in the industry just to create music. You’ll never hear him talk about playing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra or appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Singing words of inspiration and kindness is really the only thing that interests this Chicago native.

Attending a live show for Khari has been referred to as a life-changing experience for the many followers of his unique sound and creativity. You’ll walk away transformed from the spiritual journey you embark on during one of his live shows.

Monday Madness: Bag Sale Galore


These bags are perfect for just about any occasion…and they’re all on sale!


Favorite Beauty Trends for Spring 2016…

blue eyeshadow orange lipstick bronzerWhile it will be winter for a bit longer there’s no reason as to why you can’t be prepared for all the beauty trends spring 2016 will bring. Get a rundown of that you should stock up on once the season comes around.

When it comes to the eyes it’s all about keeping things fun this season. This palette is perfect whether you’re after a softer pastel blue or a darker look. The blues are sure to emphasize your eyes while keeping you looking playful.

These lips were made for talking! Keep your lips vivacious with hues of maroon, fuchsia, and my favorite for this season, if you’re the daring type, orange. With lips so bright all eyes will be on your pout!

If you happened to catch Givenchy’s show you came across lace, jewels, and pearls that were carefully applied to model’s faces hours before the show. The thought of applying these sparklers to your face during a day look might frighten you so opt for a simple pair of pearl earrings instead. You’ll still be able to keep up with the trends in a super classy fashion.

Keeping your locks simple is out for spring. Opt to stand out with simple headbands, barrettes, and ornate combs. I’m obsessed with barrettes and have been for a while now so this is definitely a trend I’m embracing.

Bronzed skin is super sexy and for spring it’s definitely the direction you want to take your skin in. Although, anything in excess is super unappreciated so practice discretion and keep it at a light sun kissed glow.

You little vamp! Dark moody lips have been in for a while now and there’s a reason behind it…super sexy! There’s just something about the dark vampire shades that’s irresistible and very pleasing to the eyes.

Keep up with the trends love and most importantly…Enjoy<3.

Monday Madness: Booties on Sale

sale booties

So many gorgeous booties…so little time. Oh and did I mention they’re all on sale?


How to Keep Your Hands Super Soft During the Cold…

While I absolutely love the cold weather what it does to my hands…not so much! I’m a bit of a clean freak so I wash my hands a little excessively at times and during the colder months that means super dry hands. Not cute. There are some things I do to ensure my hands stay smooth and I’m going to share those with you!

This cream will do wonders for your dry hands because once applied it locks in moisture for 24-hours. It contains Shea Butter, Jojoba Extract and Collagen Support Complex which actually helps give your hands a younger appearance. Okay, technically, it’s body cream but your hands won’t know the difference.


What I love most about this hand cream is that it contains Glycolic Acid (AHA) which is known to increase purity and smoothness. A Hyaluronic Acid-rich botanical extract will keep your skin velvety by increasing moisture.


Want more than smoother hands? Try this hand cream from  jane iredale for a radiant and even skin tone as well as complete and utter smoothness that you just can’t get enough of. Contains SPF 15 which will also protect your hands against sun damage so it’s the perfect hand cream for when you’re out and about!


Keep your hands and nails looking great with Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream! Wonderful for keeping your hands smooth while diminishing age spots and preventing new spots from forming. Perfect for anyone who faces oversensitivity during the colder months! 



Cute and Cozy…

ankle boots bag scarf lipstick

Running errands has never been so cute and cozy…



Sale of the Day: Bags

bag bags

Check out these great bags…and they’re on sale. 


How to Achieve Younger Looking Skin Instantly…

Softer younger looking skin will never go out of style but could be harder to obtain during the colder months because cold air tends to dry out the skin. I find that the best way to keep my skin super subtle and soft is by scrubbing once a week.  My skin is super sensitive so it’s content with being exfoliated once a week but if you have tough skin you might be able to scrub twice (or more) weekly, without any harsh side effects.

If you’re looking to wash away dead skin cells and impurities and aren’t timid of Caffeine and Menthol Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub should be your go to. It’s super refreshing and I feel squicky clean after!

Aren’t you at all curious about trying a product named Sugar Face Polish? It’s actually the reason I decided to give this scrub a try and I am hooked. It contains browns sugar which is great for scrubbing away dead skin and sealing in moisture so prepare to have super soft skin! 

This is a scrub unlike any other and it’s actually super fun to play with. Just mix the Buffing Grains with water and you’ll have a gentle exfoliator that will not only remove dry skin but will encourage skin cell turnover. 

If you want glowing skin but don’t have a lot of time check out CHEM6o Pro-Peel by Le Metier de Beaute. You can bring revitalize your lifeless complexion in as little as 60-seconds with this professional-strength at-home peel. This product will get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrating your skin!

Happy shopping<3!