High-end Designer Handbags à la Trendlee

trendlee designer bag

trendlee designer bag

trendlee designer handbag

Trendlee is your new go to if your looking for high-end designer handbags without the outrageous prices. They attain pre-owned luxurious handbags, from other equally obsessed with all things posh  individuals, and pass on the high discounts to their clientele. With quality being of super importance to Trendlee they only resale bags that are in great condition, which is super important. Whether you’re an Hermes, Celine, or Chanel type of girl they’ve got you covered but you better get there fast because it’s very rare for them to have more than one of the same item.

The lovely thing about a high-end designer bag is if you get the right one you’ll be able to use it for years. Of course you’ll want to make sure the bag matches your personality and is one you’re comfortable holding when out and about. Don’t go for a bag that doesn’t appeal to you because you’ll bore of it quickly. Trendlee has a lovely selection of bags that will match your quirks and really elevate your style!

Oh…before I forget. The darling people at Trendlee are giving my readers a 5% discount with the code LILIBUZZ at checkout. Seriously, you can’t miss this deal dolls!

Lili <3.

Balmain Crochet Gown With a Touch of Gold…

balmain dress lipstick


The Kardashians know how to do Balmain very well…now you do too! This Balmain crochet gown, from Balmain’s 2016 Resort Collection, with it’s intricate weaving, is the standout piece so keep your accessories to a minimum. Perfectly fine because you’re not going to need much to get noticed when you’re wearing Balmain.

The gold accessories I’ve chosen for this look compliment the gold-tone zip that runs through the entire back of the dress. The goddess cuff by Stephanie Kantis goes well with the strong silhouette and structured shoulders while the caged design gladiator boots by Michael Kors might take some of the spotlight. While a gold sparkle pearled pout will tame down your look (loving Estee Lauder’s Vivid Shine collection) the Gucci shoulder bag will certainly help you twinkle all night long.

When you find the perfect combination between shimmer and tame you’ll have created a Balmain look so pretty no one can resist. As with everything else, practice discretion and do you…there’s no one better.

Lili <3.

Spring 2016 Shoe Trends Every Girl Must Have

Downtown Los Angeles is quickly becoming a runway for the many who choose it as their playground. Whether it’s sneakers or stilettos, statement heels or sandals, the streets are overtaken with individuals making a statement. Of course, with so many trends it can be hard to know which ones to keep up with and the ones that just aren’t for you.

The pointed toe heels are a favorite and must be on every women’s must have list! These shoes will give you a leaner look because they elongate your legs. It’s the perfect way to stay absolutely graceful this spring with very minimal effort. The suede leather Sigerson Morrison Galicia is super classy while the Proenza Schouler suede slide, with silver tone hardware…simply unforgettable. Combining these spring 2016 trend with skinny jeans is great for a sexy comfortable vibe while pairing it with a pencil skirt is a bit more daring.

pointed toe heels

There’s no stopping the gladiator sandals, and who would want to. Whether it’s the demure ankle-length version or the not so subtle over the knee sandals, there’s a pair fit for everyone. While this trend could be hard to pull off if you’re not on the catwalk there are still some fun ways the everyday girl can include them in their wardrobe. A pair of flat gladiator sandals are lovely on a spring day, and this pop of yellow is just what your spring wardrobe ordered. If you’re a bit more daring opt for the Rag & Bone suede gladiator sandal to pair with your favorite shorts for a powerful and statement-making look.gladiator sandalsFor a look that’s a bit less high maintenance than heels and more refined than flip-flops, flat sandals are the perfect go to for a casual chic look this summer. Textured sandals are a nice way to take a simple sandal more exciting and the Fendi Embellished leather sandals are a perfect example of just that. No one would dare call these sandals simple! Chain-link sandals are another great spring must have and the Michael Kors tumbled metallic leather sandal are an easy pair to work into any outfit.


Wearing sneakers with a skirt might not be your thing but it’s certainly a popular spring 2016 shoe trend! Pairing sneakers with a soft feminine skirt is a great way to balance your look. A super fun way to look casual and lovely! Nike Juvenate leather-trimmed woven grosgrain sneakers are a more softer sneaker so you can pair it with more feminine pieces to complete your look. High-top sneakers will go great with a pair of shorts and mini skirts. The Giuseppe Zanotti Exclusive Pink pair are too pretty to ignore and will liven up even the softest spring looks.



Eyebrows on Fleek

Adulting is hard but keeping your eyebrows on fleek shouldn’t be! Getting your eyebrows to look good could be difficult because of the minefield of hazards you’ll have to overcome to get them just right but the pros got you. Quite honestly, even if you think you’ve got it handled it might be best to go to an expert for a quick visit to get the right shape for your face. Once you’ve got the perfect shape you can invest some time for the upkeep and have brows even Cara Delevingne would be jealous of.
eyebrow brush
Brushing your eyebrows is the first step to obtaining a tamed look whether you want structured brows or wild and unruly.Laura Mercier spool brush will help you achieve the well-groomed look all day long while  Lancome’s dual-ended brush will allow you to reshape, blend, and groom any way your little heart desires.ultra-fine tip eyebrow pencil eyebrow powderNow that you’re well groomed it’s time to fill them in to make your eyebrows appear thicker and fuller. If you want a heavier look an angled brush and powder like Anastasia’s two-shade brow powder is the way to go. If you feel as though maybe you went a little too far with the heavy just press your brows gently with your fingers to soften the look. In order to get a natural look go a shade lighter than your hair color and more muted. When opting for a pencil go for a super fine tip likeAnastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz to make the smaller strokes that mimic actual hair. eyebrow gel

Brow gel is a must have for anyone with thinner eyebrows! For adding volume and texture it’s really in a class in it’s own. You can also opt for a tinted gel which will cover up any gray hairs or for those little hairs to light to be seen. I’m loving Benefit Cosmetics brush on gel that has a matte finish.eyebrow tweezers scissorsWhile having unruly and wild eyebrows is completely acceptable make sure you don’t have any little hairs not adhering to your rules. Perhaps my favorite go to, for removing even the tiniest of hairs, is the Tweezerman Slant…it grabs the hair every time. Maintenance of the perfect brows also requires a good  eyebrow scissor and this Sephora Collection Eyebrow Trimmer is perfectly angled to get the perfect shape!


Sweater and Skirt Combos I’m Obsessed With…

Spring is the perfect time to take out those sweater and skirt combos. Predicting what the whether will be like during this season is quite difficult. The days can be warm and sunny or it’s rain showers galore. Often I find myself reaching for simple sweaters and feminine skirts because of the unpredictability. This combination is comfortable, chic, and super easy to pull off.

The skirt and sweater combinations are endless with stores putting out there most darling spring 2016 pieces. When it comes to this effortless look I’ve got my favorites. Check out these to die for combinations every spring closet shouldn’t be without…

quilted top chiffon skirt

Isabel Marant Top / Needle and Thread Maxi Skirt

A quilted cotton-blend top and a crinkled-chiffon maxi skirt is the perfect combination for a romantic lunch date. Of course this isn’t just the perfect fit for a date, you’ll look so careless and chic running errands in this perfect spring must haves.cutout shirt skirt

Dion Lee Sweater / Marni Mini Skirt

I’m loving this asymmetric skirt and it’s day-to-night abilities. Pair it with a cutout sweater for a more daring look that’s perfect for the day and can be worn in to the night, just a minor shoe change and a few accessories later.crop top linen skirt

TIBI sweater / Miguelina Skirt

You’ll never go wrong with a simple cropped sweater and a linen skirt. This combination is actually one of my favorites and a go to for those days where I’m not quite sure what look I’m going for. I’m just in love with this skirt!blue sweater pink skirt

Carven Sweater / Stella McCartney Pencil Skirt  

A knit sweater and a wool blend pencil skirt…nothing’s ever looked so serene. The pink and blue is a great combination for any spring day. It’s super cute and has calming abilities none of the other sweater and skirt combos have. It’s probably my favorite.


Can’t Resist a Good Designer Bag Sale…

bag bags soft pink tote

If you’re just as obsessed as I am with a good designer bag sale…you’ve come to the right place!

Enjoy <3.


Choosing a Dermaroller Treatment for Your Skin Care Issues

Every day, we look at ourselves in the mirror, assessing the person looking back at us, that’s where a Dermaroller treatment can help. When we begin to see wrinkles or sun damage or other skin issues, we start losing confidence in our appearance. A large part of our psychological makeup is based on how we look and are perceived by others. Only when we look good do we really feel good about ourselves. Skin care is essential to reaching that goal.

The Dermaroller Treats Various Skin Care Issues

There are a great number of skin care issues that people suffer. The Dermaroller handles many of them, including the most common one. Dermatologists say about 95% of their patients seek a method to eradicate wrinkles from their face and body. Stretch marks from weight loss or child bearing are also fairly common. Scarring from acne or chicken pox as well as sun damage and hyper pigmentation are also frequent issues. Fortunately, the Dermaroller can treat each of those issues.

How the Dermaroller Procedure Works

The Dermaroller uses the process of microneedling to correct skin issues. Microneedling is a process in which clusters of needles are stamped in the skin to penetrate into a deeper layer of the skin called the dermis. It is in this layer that rejuvenation of the skin occurs. A Dermaroller has a barrel shaped head with numerous tiny needles that are rolled across the surface of the skin rather than stamped in.

The process of microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy as it stimulates the cells in the dermal layer to regenerate by replacing damaged cells with new ones and also encourages the production of collagen.

Comparing the Dermaroller to Other Treatments

Most other treatments that use cosmetic laser equipment for skin care issues like scars, wrinkles, and pitted skin require ablative methods. That means they cause damage to the skin’s surface in order to stimulate repairs. The Dermaroller is non-ablative, meaning it leaves the epidermis intact and undamaged. Where other methods come with significant risks and down time, the Dermaroller does not. It takes a little more time to see the full extent of the results, but works on all skin colors and textures where the other methods run into problems with that.

What Areas Can be Treated?

The Dermaroller comes in varying sizes and needles lengths. For the facial area, shorter needles and a smaller roller would be used. A larger barrel head with longer needles would be used for thicker skin and large areas. This handheld device can be used on most of the body.

What to Expect at Your Appointment

The first time you go to a clinic for a treatment, you will have standard medical forms to fill out. Your trained medical technician will likely apply a numbing cream to the area to be treated so the procedure will be more comfortable. It takes about 45 minutes for the numbing agent to take full effect. Depending on how large an area being treated, the procedure itself can take as much as an hour. You will likely notice some redness and possibly mild swelling afterwards, but it generally is gone by the next day. For the next 24 hours after the procedure, you just need to take extra cautions to avoid sun exposure, spray tanning, and anything else that might damage your skin. Be sure to ask your medical provider any questions you might have about the Dermaroller procedure so you can be confident about the treatment.

10 Best Nail Polish Colors for Spring 2016

nail polish marc jacobs essie nars

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Say goodbye to the dark and let some hues in with the best nail polish colors for spring 2016! Polish ideas that make you look fab and glamorous? Yes, please!

Fashion is constantly changing and we often feel as though just as we’ve mastered a trend something else comes along and it’s on to the next big thing. Often times this becomes overwhelming because lets face it, unless your job is to always be #trending there’s just too much going on in your day to day to stay chic. 

How would you feel about a simple change that you can keep up with even with the most hectic of schedules? Of course, you’d love. Perhaps one of the simplest trends any gal can stay up to date with is nail polish colors and styles. With spring being so close it’s the perfect time to think about the next big thing for your nails. There’s always so many fun shades of nail polish to play with during the warmer months because you’ve finally tucked away those winter gloves and are not longer worried about losing your fingers to frostbite.

For those who are hunting for some ideas for nail polish colors for spring 2016, here are some exciting trends that you would definitely want to add to your collection! 

Floral patterns are super in for spring and your nails will thank you for them. They’re super classy and chic! The bright bold colors will add a pop of color to any spring wardrobe and in the most effortless way possible. This spring 2016 nail polish trend is for any fashionista that doesn’t have many hours to dedicate to keeping up with the latests. Don’t forget your toes because with the warmer spring days come out the peep toes and you want to make sure everything is on point.

A minty shade of green is the perfect way to brighten up your spring wardrobe! They will undoubtedly be the center of attention so make sure you have the perfect manicure before applying this hue. 

A creamy yellow shade is the perfect spring trend and it will go so perfectly with the sunny days of the season. You can opt for bright yellow or a more pastel hue, if you’re not feeling super adventurous. Either way you decide to go opt for two coats to really make that color pop!

Nail polish trends will never be complete without creme or beige hues, or at least according to me. You can find a lengthy list of beige colors but one option that you may want to try is a nude shade with brown undertones. Full opacity can be reached with two coats, thanks to the nice pigmentation of the formula. It is also a wonderful shade for nail stamping, it’s a thing, look it up!

You can’t go wrong with a royal blue this spring season, or any other season quite honesty. What I absolutely love about blue nail polish is that you can rock it with a dress of the same hue and not look tacky. There’s really no wrong way to wear blue this spring 2016 because whether it’s bright cerulean or classic cobalt you’ll slay.

Red is one of the nail polish colors that always stays #trending, whether it is a chilly winter, a hot summer, or a subdued spring. Red will never fail when adding charm to your overall look. You might want to look for a creamy shade that can spread quickly with no streaks. 

Here’s a quick addition! Aside from the top 10 best nail polish colors for spring 2016 mentioned above, you might also want to go for a sparkling look with glitter that can make you look, well, glamorous. It’s an absolutely perfect way to add dazzle to your nails and your evening.

Spring is the perfect time to add color to your nails that will help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Remember, just like you, your nails make a first impression too so make it count! 

Enjoy the perfect spring 2016 nail polish hues I’ve picked for you <3.

I love a Good Bag Sale…

bag bags tote backpack

It’s hard to resist a good bag sale…so I don’t! 😉


Cute and Sporty on a Budget…


Working out isn’t really my thing but with these sneakers I might just do a little something…a little. 

Sneakers this cute are definitely more than a workout staple though…and bonus, they’re good for the sole. Chic sneakers  won’t only cute-up your fitness fit but they can also be worn with skirts to give you the sporty look. Perhaps wearing them with a super pretty dress might be another way to go if you’re looking to look adorable and be utterly comfortable. Cute and comfy aren’t words often associated with one another when we’re talking about shoes but sneakers have changed the game. Whether you opt for a simple style or go for a more dazzling pair we all need a couple of pairs of these must haves…and don’t worry because they’ll never go out of style.

Whether you’re going on a lunch date or about to hit the gym for the latest workout craze work these sneakers into your day look and you’ll be ready to take on anything…even a little workout. 

I hope you all love the pairs I’ve picked out…of course you’ll find some soft rose pinks in the mix and one that’s super flossy! 😉

Enjoy loves<3.