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My Favorite e.l.f. Cosmetic Picks for Softer Skin This Fall

e.l.f. cosmetics

With the nights getting colder I’ve been vigorously looking for the right moisturizer to make sure my skin stays soft and smooth. Last night, while attending the DTLA Art Walk with some friends, we talked about our favorite skin care products to keep the moisture in place. Of course we all have different combination skin, therefore, there really isn’t a one product fits all kind of go to…life would be so much easier if there was. The beauty and skincare brand that I absolutely adore at the moment is e.l.f. Cosmetics because they are cruelty-free and don’t do any animal testing. An added bonus: The products are super affordable and high quality.

1.   e.l.f. Cosmetics Daily Hydration Moisturizer

This is my absolute go-to moisturizer at the moment because of how lightweight and velvety smooth it is. It’s lightly scented, which I love, and helps keep my skin nourished and glowing. I also apply it right before my foundation, which makes it super easy to get a flawless application.

     2.   e.l.f. Cosmetics Hydrating Gel Melt Cleanser

If you’re looking for a simple way to remove your makeup and cleanse your skin this is your new must have. It actually melts on contact as you apply it to your skin and leaves your skin feeling nourished and smooth. It’s also infused with vitamin C which will help with circulation and tone your skin.

     3.   e.l.f. Cosmetics Makeup Mist & Set

For makeup that just won’t stay put turn to this radiance boosting invisible hold. Not only will it keep your makeup in place but it will also moisturize and keep your skin nourished throughout the day. It’s super lightweight and keeps your makeup from running to fading.

    4.   e.l.f. Cosmetics gentle Daily Face Cleanser

Use this nightly to remove everyday impurities and makeup for a super healthy glow. It contains purified water to keep your skin hydrated so it doesn’t dry out. Usually cleansers dry out your skin and leave you with dry patches after regular use so looking for products that will keep the moisture in place is essential. 

I love these e.l.f. picks and I’m sure you guys are going to be obsessed with them as well!

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Pillows and Lamps and Desks…Oh My

lamps decorative pillows desks

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Interior design has been something I’ve been obsessing over for quite a while now. I really wanted to start including some pieces I love decorating my living space in with all of you. While I am concentrating on home decor at the moment soon enough there will be a lot more to play with. Decorative pillows, modern lamps, and desks that are a minimalist’s dream was what I was going for when I settled on my selections. 

Decorative pillows are such an easy way to add fun to your living space, bedroom, and even the outside patio. Whether it’s sequin, faux fur, textured, or simple design you’re after, with so much to choose from your space will never be boring. You’ll first need to decide what vibe you’re going for. Sequins and faux fur are for the chic and fabulous while textures and simple designs will fit perfectly in a homely home.

Another great way to brighten your home while on a budget is to add a few lamps around your space. Contemporary designs in chrome and ones with swivel lights are pretty and versatile. While clear glass lamps would look better in home’s with a more feminine feel.

Adding a simple desk or a nicely designed bookcase is a lovely way to add sophistication to your living area. The desks and bookcases I adore are a minimalist’s dream because of their simple design.  I am obsessed with this 3 drawer design writing desk as well as this backless bookcase

I’d love to hear what you guys think of the selection dolls <3.

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How To Wear Pink Accessories Like a Millennial


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There are so many pink’s out there but perhaps my favorite pink of all…the millennial pink. It’s unlike any pink you’ve seen before in fact it’s sort of peachy, but not quite. Hmm. more like a rosy salmon or a super light blush, that’s the one! It’s definitely not your girly-girl pink, millennial pink is more for the sophisticated.

With so many fun accessories to choose from in Pantone’s color of the year, Rose Quartz, what’s a girl to do? I say buy them all doll…you deserve it!

  1. Anything in satin is absolutely lovely and these mules by Miu Miu are no exception. These antique rose pair are whimsical and super chic for a dinner party or a fancy get together. You can even wear them with your favorite light washed ripped denim and a plain white tee (remember to tuck in) for a day look.
  2. These pink Adidas pairing are enough to make me go running…ugh. Or I can wear them with my sweats and lounge around the house, which seems to be a better fit. Seriously dolls whatever you’re into you need these super chic bae’s in your life.
  3. If I could be crossbody pouch, this is the one I would be. So convenient and that bow is just super adorable. This bag is honestly perfect enough to accessorize any of your fits this fall and add a feminine touch. Whether it’s a day look to run errands in or a dinner date with your new favorite hottie, this bag is the one.
  4. Something pink and satin in a strappy sandal…yes please. These satin and suede sandals by Paul Andrew are perfect to wear with a glamorous evening dress or light denim, but not the type you run errands in. This pairing is a little more classier and is definitely more appropriate for an evening look.
  5. I definitely had all of you in mind when I decided on this Globe-trotter vanity case. It’s super cute and such a simple way to carry all your vanity-needs. This is especially perfect if you’re a makeup artist and need a chic way to have your makeup travel with you.

Enjoy my <3’s.

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Ease Into Fall With This Transitional Look

pencil skirt knit shirt coat

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Let’s get into that fall wardrobe of yours and see what you’ve got to play with!

The weather isn’t cool enough for turtlenecks, especially if you live in sunny L.A., but lucky for us knit tee’s are in and super chic. Whether you pair it with your favorite jeans or the skirt you’ve been obsessing over it’s the perfect must have for those cold nights. A plunging neckline with shorter sleeves can also help you achieve this must have fall look, if the weather has no chill.  Pair your new knit shirt with an A-line skirt. Again, we’re going for something passable during the warmer days that can still be carried into the cooler nights.  Tights aren’t necessary yet, but if you’re legs are getting cold, match this look with a pair of sheer leggings. 

If you’re going for comfort but still want to be in this season’s must haves, pair traditional jeans or casual pants with a duster coat. Duster coats provide a slouchy fit and work as a neat replacement between trench coats and denim spring coats. 

Fall clothing should have a rustic and brick appearance. We’re going for deep reds, purples, plums, and berries. A muddy yellow is often overlooked, but it’s all the more reason to grab it for an occasional night out around town. You’ll stand out as a fashionista with muddy yellow pumps or satchel at your waist.

Whether the sun is shinning or has decided to stay in, wearing rounded sunglasses is the perfect way to keep the wrinkles away. You’re going for intelligent-elegance with a rounded appearance! Another super chic must have accessory for this season is the choker. Perhaps my favorite trend for the fall season, the single earring, mainly because I lost the second half of my favorite pair and have been wanting to wear it without looking like a mess.

So excited for all the fun fall fits to put together <3.

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The Proper Way to Clean Your Makeup Applicators

makeup brushes

Ladies, listen up! It’s time you take a look at what you’re putting on your face. And, no, I’m not talking about the makeup itself but the brushes you’re using when applying your makeup. Ever thought about what you’re really transferring onto your skin? Try imagining tons of millions of tiny little bacteria particles and microscopic organisms (science words). That’s right, your brushes are full of tenants. Yucks galore.

It’s time to clean house. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. How do you clean a makeup sponge applicator?

BeautyBlender’s Original Makeup Sponge Applicator requires you to dip it into water to fill it up. This saturation of the water fills up the space in your sponge making it dense. Hence, less makeup fills the pores and becomes absorbed inside of the applicator. Cleaning recommendations require only a simple wash afterward with soap and water. It doesn’t get much simpler. Remember to rinse until water runs clear.

2. Clean your eyelash curler (okay, so it’s not a brush).

Eyelash curlers are notorious for getting covered in mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, eye-anything. Oh, one more thing, they are full of those tiny eyelash and eyebrow mites. That’s right ladies, your curler is chalk full of mites. You shouldn’t worry about the buggies on your tools though, it’s more of what the acidity of the makeup can do to the steel and padding of your brand new curler. To thoroughly clean your curler dip the tool into some warm soapy water. Be sure to apply some pressure and clamp it shut. The pressure will help the pad soak up the soapy water and begin a good lather. The deeper your soapy water penetrates the pad, the cleaner and longer lasting your tool becomes.

3. Wash your brushes after each use

Do you know you should be rinsing your brushes after every use? Well, now you do. So, no more excuses!

Makeup left on your brush begins to harden with time. Not only that, but as you add more and more makeup, you’re creating layers or bacteria. Rinse your brushes under warm water until the water runs clear. Gently, wipe your brush with a clean cloth and you’re done! Tip: Make sure to wipe your brush from base to tip. Follow an outward motion to keep your brush bristles neatly gathered. The more care you put into these initial steps, the longer your product will last.

4. Finally, how often should you be replacing your makeup applicators, etc!

Mascara: Pitch it every three months.

Eyeshadow: If your product is powder, pitch after two years. If your product is cream, it’s time for a change after 1 year.

Makeup brushes: Products can last anywhere from one to five years. Money counts in this department. Tip: If your brushes are shedding, it’s time for a replacement.

Makeup sponges: Trash the sponge after consistent use spanning one month.

I hope this guide helps you dolls. Have fun painting those faces, and remember to take care of your tools!

Also, just in case you’re obsessing over the Artis Makeup Brushes featured…enjoy <3.

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7 Chic and Comfortable Shoes to Step Into This Fall

fall shoes boots ballet flats

I absolutely adore everything about Fall but all the fun shoes to choose from is definitely my favorite thing to do. While boots are always this season’s go to there are other styles that deserve an equal amount of attention. Something in a wedge hill can add some excitement to your outfit while ballet flats will take your look to even lovelier heights. No matter what your favorite type is you can’t go wrong with these chic and comfortable shoes!

1. H by Halston, Amy pebbled leather riding boots

The backs of these boots are elastic and only add to the comfort of wearing pebbled riding boots. The leather boots are ideal to wear with tights or leggings because of their ability to be pulled-on due to the added stretch. The boots fit right over your tights or leggings which, topped with a comfy sweater would make for the perfect fall outfit. Make these leather boots your go-to pair this fall.

2. Glimmer Fall

The Glimmer Fall boat shoes by Keds will have you sailing the high seas in no time. Slip-on these shining beauties as you set sail to enjoy the cooler temperatures and nice boating weather. The laces are decorated and made to stretch for a pleasant fit. The footbed is made from memory foam, adding to the comfort you will experience as you sail over the water.

3. Isaac Mizrahi Live! Suede Ankle Boots with Wedge Heel

Stylish suede ankle boots with a wedge heel bring a confident look to any outfit you wear this fall. Lengthen your legs with the wedge heel and oval-shaped toes as you stroll the windy sidewalks. The ankle straps are buckled and bring an urban meets country effect to your wardrobe. Style and comfort go hand and hand to ensure you enjoy wearing such a fabulous pair of ankle boots. 

4. Coolway Bring

Hike through nature trails in these boots from Coolway, while being fashionable and comfortable. The upper and high collar of these boots are durable and made to protect your feet as you embrace the chillier fall. Take these boots camping as the knitted sock lining provide an additional warmth. 

5. Josef Seibel Tina 02 Ankle Boots

These ankle boots from Josef Seibel are an attractive, feminine look this fall. Designed to be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, you will continue to wear these boots throughout the fall due to their extremely cushioned footbed. Slip these boots on and ensure they stay on with a fashionable inside zip.

6. Jessica Simpson Mandays Ballet Flats

The elegant look of these Jessica Simpson Mandays Ballet Flats are always in style and bring comfort to your feet with a quick slip-on design. A flexible fit is provided through the use of elastic at the topline of these flats. Stay on top of stunning fashion this fall with these ballet flats.

7. Comfortiva Riverton

The Riverton bootie is decorated with fringe that fits right in with fall fashion. The softness of the suede comforts your feet during the day. A medial side zipper and a cushioned memory foam footbed provide support all day long. 


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Denim On Denim On Denim…

A super popular trend in fashion at the moment is doubling up denim. This look is easy to fumble so here are three ways to double denim in style.

denim on denim

When first entering the denim on denim world, start simply by pairing jeans with a denim top. The key is using contrasting denims to create the complementary look. Matching a pair of Victoria Beckham’s Super Skinny Jeans with Richmond Denim Top is a perfect combo. 

denim on denim

Everyone knows black is a neutral color so take advantage when wearing denim. Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans pairs perfectly with Tommy Hilfiger Denim Top and creates a double denim look that’s not over the top. This looks super cute tucked in dolls but wear it however it looks best on you!

denim on denim

If you’re a little adventurous you’ll also want to mix and match the classic with the black for a more fun look. When it comes to the new trends people tend to play it safe and follow the rules but that can be boring. Whatever the trends may be coming up with your unique mix will never go out of style. For a more edgy look this Frame Denim paired with Ralph Lauren Apley Shirt is absolutely everything.

Rocking the “Canadian tuxedo” is no longer a fashion faux pas. Wearing denim on denim can give you a fresh, trendy look!

Enjoy loves <3

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Lounging in Style

capri pants shirt bag shoes

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Lounging in style is definitely obtainable as long as you’ve got the right shoes for the occasion.

While a simple pair of capri’s and a crop top aren’t super stylish adding these Studded Suede Sandals by Alaïa’ will take you to new heights (no pun intended). The shoes always make the outfit and while this darling pair, with button-like straps, is really made for a cocktail dress there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t wear them here. It completely transforms your look but you’ll still feel super comfy throughout your day while running errands or catching up with friends.

I added the Mini Leather Satchel by Givenchy to this look because it’s super simple but goes so elegantly with the attention grabbing sandals. If you go for a more dramatic bag here it’s just not going to look right. The simple bag actually balances out the sandals and helps you achieve the look you’re going for.

When looking to accessorize this look I opted for this Gray Leather Strap Watch by Marc Jacobs because it’s super slick but still pretty enough to add some softness. The Vice Lipstick in “Mm” by Urban Decay goes well with the look because it adds a pop of color to a rather “gray” look. Then sprits on this intoxicating flowery scent from Arquiste to complete the look and leave you smelling super pretty all day long!

It’s always so much fun to put together an outfit and play around with what works well together. As always, remember to add a little bit of you to anything you put on because that’s what makes your style unique. 

Enjoy <3.