Los Angeles Clippers Win Game 1 Against San Antonio Spurs

The Los Angeles Clippers have one Game 1 against the San Antonio Spurs in a, quite exciting game!

The Clippers are on a mission to win their first title and were up by 12 points in the first half. Although, the Spurs overcame the double-digit deficit to trail, 49-43, it just wasn’t enough to beat the Clips, who clearly have something to prove.

Blake Griffin and Chris Paul combined for 58 points, which was more than half of the Clippers total score. Chris collected 32 points on 13-of-20 shooting, got seven rebounds and six assists. Blake walked away with 26 points, 12 rebounds, and six assists. Blake also dunked on Spurs’ Aron Baynes three times and they were all pretty brutal but perhaps my favorite was the right handed hammer over Aron!

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My Favorite Reality Star Turned 36!

Quite often a celebrity look will come along and I fall in adore…

Well, Kourtney Kardashian is of course one of my favorites! The gorgeous mom of three turned 36-years-old on April 18 and I want to honor her by looking back at some of my favorite Keeping Up with the Kardashians moments by this darling “monotone” motha!

Kourtney really is super funny and probably the reason I watch the Kardashians on those rare occasions…Can’t get enough of this super sexy mama!


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Doc Rivers Named Western Conference Coach of the Month

Doc Rivers Named Western Conference Coach of the Month

Insidefoto / PR Photos

Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers was named Western Conference Coach of the Month, for games played in April, according to The National Basketball Association. Doc is the third coach in franchise history to receive this honor  joining Vinny Del Negro (December, 2012) and Larry Brown (March, 1992).

Rivers guided the Clippers to the leagues only undefeated record in April at 7-0. On April 1 the Clippers were able to make a comeback, they were down by 19 points, and beat the Portland Trail Blazers on the road. Chris Paul scored 41 points, had 17 assists, five rebounds and four steals. On April 11, the Clippers were victorious while taking on the Memphis Grizzlies which moved them into a three-way tie for the No. 2 seed with a score of 94-86.

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Why I’m Obsessed with Mascara…And Why you Should be too!

Why I'm Obsessed with Mascara...And Why you Should be too!

Some say diamonds are a girls best friend but I say, it’s my mascara…

Mascara is one of the greatest loves of my life and for oh so many reasons…Perhaps greatest of all, is how it gives me the sultry look I love so much.

Different formulas can enhance your lashes in different ways: thickening, lengthening, and perhaps even long lasting. I love using a lengthening mascara for day and going a bit more dramatic at night, cue the thickening and long lasting please.

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How to Find the Right Exfoliant


The right exfoliant is super important no matter what your skin type!

Every minute of everyday thousands of dead skin cells flake away to make room for new skin cells. Perhaps sometimes this becomes a bit more difficult as we age and when our skin dries. When the dead skin cells build up they make the complexion look dreadful and clog our pores, and the lovely benefit of clogged pores, adult acne. No thank you!

This is where exfoliating comes in, to help get rid of all the dead cells so we’re left with a beautiful complexion.

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Clippers are Winning and Waiting…

Clippers are Winning and Waiting...

The Clippers are on their way to that championship but in the meantime all they can really do is win and wait…

Just who will land the No. 2 seed in the Western conference will be determined by the handful of games left…

After defeating the Grizzlies, 94-86, on Saturday, the Clippers were in a three-way tie with Memphis and San Antonio for the second seed…They are now in a three-way tie for third with Memphis and Houston after San Antonio won Sunday to take second.

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Get Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Look…

Coachella never seems to disappoint when it comes to music, or fashion.

Some of my favorite celebs migrated to Indio, CA for the music festival and luckily, for fashion adorers like me, it’s as though Coachella has turned into, at least for some of young Hollywood’s hottest, a runway…A darling little runway where Spring’s darling trends have come alive.

I am absolutely in love with all the beautiful outfits Kendall has been rocking at Coachella, especially this super chic, yet very effortless, skirt with a crop top.

Get Kendall Jenner's Coachella Look...

Arielle Madnick / PRPhotos.com

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MTV Movie Awards “Best Dressed” Goes to…

The MTV Movie Awards took place in Los Angeles, at the Nokia Theatre, on Sunday (April 12) and I was quite happy to see color on the red carpet. Remember everyone, color’s fun!

Well, perhaps pink of all colors may just be the funnest and when Scarlett Johansson rocks a pink jumpsuit on the red carpet, that is funnest of all.

Scarlett never disappoints me and while I usually would find a pink jumpsuit much on anyone else, for some reason, this A lister is just so lovely it works.

2015 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals

David Gabber / PRPhotos.com

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Want to Get to Know Me? Good, Read on Love Bugs <3…


I have always loved my Armenian background…I love everything about being an Armenian girl. We are, from a young age, taught to be graceful, always look presentable, treat our elders with respect, be a good family girl, have a great education, be successful and be a wife who obeys, cooks, cleans and takes care of the children. Having a lovely relationship with God is also quite mandatory.

I absolutely love everything that’s expected of me and I always oblige. I absolutely love the idea of obeying the man in my life and will do so, however, my husband will have to be loyal to me and treat me ever so kindly…Then, I will be everything he’s dreamed of and more. I know some women have trouble with the word obey, this is why I’m elaborating a bit more here, but I believe if the man in your life treats you as you should be treated then he deserves your utmost respect. But if he doesn’t then all bets are off and you should be on your way out!

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Kate Upton’s Hottest Moments…

Oh Hi Friday!

The weekend’s here and I hope y’all have some super fun plans but in the meantime, Kate Upton’s been on my mind all day as I came across her Carl’s Jr. commercial while searching for some cuteness, animal and baby edition. I’m not quite sure how I ended up where I did, but I did.

So bare with my nostalgia and enjoy these amazing gif’s of the goddess as you prepare yourself for the weekend ahead!

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