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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites

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The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is one of the biggest sales of the year and with so much to get…what’s a girl to do? Shop galore and enjoy every minute of it!

I hope you guys love my picks.


Denim on denim on denim…

A super popular trend in fashion at the moment is doubling up denim. This look is easy to fumble so here are three ways to double denim in style.

denim on denim

When first entering the denim on denim world, start simply by pairing jeans with a denim top. The key is using contrasting denims to create the complementary look. Matching a pair of Victoria Beckham’s Super Skinny Jeans with Richmond Denim Top is a perfect combo. 

denim on denim

Everyone knows black is a neutral color so take advantage when wearing denim. Saint Laurent Skinny Jeans pairs perfectly with Tommy Hilfiger Denim Top and creates a double denim look that’s not over the top. This looks super cute tucked in dolls but wear it however it looks best on you!

denim on denim

If you’re a little adventurous you’ll also want to mix and match the classic with the black for a more fun look. When it comes to the new trends people tend to play it safe and follow the rules but that can be boring. Whatever the trends may be coming up with your unique mix will never go out of style. For a more edgy look this Frame Denim paired with Ralph Lauren Apley Shirt is absolutely everything.

Rocking the “Canadian tuxedo” is no longer a fashion faux pas. Wearing denim on denim can give you a fresh, trendy look!

Enjoy loves <3

Lounging in Style

capri pants shirt bag shoes

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Lounging in style is definitely obtainable as long as you’ve got the right shoes for the occasion.

While a simple pair of capri’s and a crop top aren’t super stylish adding these Studded Suede Sandals by Alaïa’ will take you to new heights (no pun intended). The shoes always make the outfit and while this darling pair, with button-like straps, is really made for a cocktail dress there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t wear them here. It completely transforms your look but you’ll still feel super comfy throughout your day while running errands or catching up with friends.

I added the Mini Leather Satchel by Givenchy to this look because it’s super simple but goes so elegantly with the attention grabbing sandals. If you go for a more dramatic bag here it’s just not going to look right. The simple bag actually balances out the sandals and helps you achieve the look you’re going for.

When looking to accessorize this look I opted for this Gray Leather Strap Watch by Marc Jacobs because it’s super slick but still pretty enough to add some softness. The Vice Lipstick in “Mm” by Urban Decay goes well with the look because it adds a pop of color to a rather “gray” look. Then sprits on this intoxicating flowery scent from Arquiste to complete the look and leave you smelling super pretty all day long!

It’s always so much fun to put together an outfit and play around with what works well together. As always, remember to add a little bit of you to anything you put on because that’s what makes your style unique. 

Enjoy <3.

Can’t Resist a Good Sale…

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I can never resist a good sale…

The holiday’s are such a great time for us fashion obsessed girls because everything seems to be on sale. I’ve been doing a lot of shopping this weekend but there’s one purchase I’m most excited about…home sweet home. While I have my real estate agent looking for some places I’ve also found a couple of places myself I’d like to rent. I’m thinking of renting first because I’ve never even lived on my own and perhaps I should get my feet a little wet first. I’m also going the renting route because there are two apartments I’m obsessing over. They’re both in Downtown, Los Angeles. I myself love the Wilshire Corridor but my friend (moving here from France) is more interested in the vibe downtown since it reminds her of back home. I was a little uninterested at first but we’ve found some great places and now I’m super excited. One we’re looking into is in Little Tokyo, I’m obsessed with this place because there’s a dog spa in the building and I think my little Belle will love it. The other building is in South Park and my favorite thing about this place is the view and L.A. Live is minutes away. Since my friend is still in France my sister and I will be checking out the apartments on Tuesday. 

I’m super excited about sharing all of this with all of you my loves. Can’t wait for the dinner parties, get togethers, wine nights, and sleepovers that’s you’ll all be a part of. Once I am settled in I’ll also start doing more home decor as well. I’m so excited about the future of Lilibuzz and sharing all the exciting things happening in my world with all of you.

I’ll keep you guys updated as often as I can! I do plan on taking all of you on my journey with me so prepare yourselves for the fun ride.

For now, back to the bag sale my loves…I hope you guys love what I’ve picked out for all of you!

Lilit <3.

Rose Gold Lip Shades and More…

Covering yourself in rose gold from head to toe may seem a bit excessive but rose gold is in for summer 2016 and you’re an adult!

Every girl deserves the rose gold treatment be it on your eyes, lips, cheeks…and even your nails. With this trend you can glisten galore or stay warm with more coppery tones. Of course it’s best that you add a little bit of gold here and there if this isn’t a color you use frequently. Perhaps going with rose gold lips shades in the beginning and then moving on to the rest of your aesthetic needs. 

Here are ones I’m obsessing over!

rose pink lip shades

Lips so shiny no one will be able to resist with Gloss Volupte, the new generation lipgloss from YSL. This is super shinny and an added bonus…keeps your lips hydrated all day long. For lips as irresistible but more tamed aim for Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Lip Color to get that effortless look with a hint of shine. It contains lavish butters and oils that keep working to keep your lips hydrated long after the shade fades.

rose pink eyeshadow

If you’re feeling more adventurous and are ready to branch out and take on the shadows aim for sheer with Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow from Bobbi Brown. It’s lightly pearlized and will brighten the lids in a super soft way…perhaps it can even be used to highlight under the browbone, for now. If you like your shadows in powder you may also want to give Benefit Cosmetics Velvet Eyeshadow a try. It’s long-wearing so it’s perfect if you’ll be out all day and don’t have much time for touch ups.

rose pink nail polish

Rose gold on the fingers…yes please. This High-Gloss Nail Lacquer from Gucci is too pretty not to wear. It might just be my favorite tone, as far as nail polish is concerned. It’s glossy but the super light shade tames the high-shine. Diamonds and Pearls are a girl’s best friend but this tone from Deborah Lippmann may be too pink for the more sophisticated crowd. Perhaps best left to the younger generation and millennials. 

I hope you guys love my favorites and give rose gold a try!


Summer Dress for Curves

cutout dress slouchy tote hermes watch

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Summer is here and it’s time to bring out those simple, yet chic, dresses to work and play in. Playing up your curves is in this year so opting for cutout dresses that call attention to your waist is definitely a must. The Alice + Olivia dress, with a darling dipped back hem, is super effortless and is the perfect summer dress for curves. Style it down for a day feel and quickly turn it into a summer date night look by adding a few simple touches.

Adding a little gold to your outfit with the wedge heeled sandal by Aquazzura will be the perfect addition to your look. The leather trimming along with the lace contrast makes these espadrille inspired’s a must for your summer wardrobe. You’ll be able to wear these with just about anything in your closet this season. The Street Level tote is great if you’re going for more of a day look and it’s faux leather which makes this slouchy bag even more desirable. I’ve never found a slouchy tote I didn’t like and the animal lover in me is super excited this gorgeous summer bag is faux!

You’ve got your main pieces but your accessories will ultimately complete the look and this is where you bring out your personality. I am super into nudes, grays, and of course the color I am most obsessed with, rose gold. Quite honestly, in the beginning I did go with a gray strap watch to complete the look but I stopped myself and thought adding a little color to this look would be perfect. I did look at a few rose gold accessories but I didn’t think it was bold enough for this look. After all, this is a super clean look and it does need a pop of color. Ultimately, I decided to go with the stainless steel ladies watch from Hermès because I love the orange wrist strap. It’s just the right hint of color to take this look from safe to daring.

Don’t be afraid to play with your look until you settle on one that’s just you!

Lili <3.

Stylish Swimsuits for Broad Shoulders

If you have broad shoulders, you’ll want to stay away from swimsuits that will make your shoulders appear wider. With it being the season for swimsuits you’ll want to start looking for that cute one or two-piece that will draw attention away or divert from the zone. That implies finding a one-piece with bend complementing side cut-outs that can relax an athletic upper body (otherwise known as one-shoulder styles) and can separate the neckline. These cut-outs are almost too good to be true as they give you those dangerous curves you weren’t born with. From darling one-shoulder swimsuits to moderate cut-out one-pieces, here are some looks you just can’t pass for your summer wardrobe.

1. Mara Hoffman

Drag attention away from wide shoulders with sexy and attractive side cut-outs and an absolutely fun geometric style. So cute you’ll never want to take it off! These colors are also super playful and a fun way to add personality to your beach look.

one-piece cut-out

2. Jo De Mer

You’ll be the belle of the beach with this elaborate cut-out with rings that connect the suit…think of the tan lines and circles. It’s almost too pretty to get wet…almost. After all what’s all that beautiful water for if you can’t dip your little body in it.

one-piece cut-out

3. J. Crew 

The more dramatic the cut-out the sexier the curves! The bow accents on the hipbone are the perfect way to look more “hippie”…if that’s your thing. It’s probable my favorite piece from all the looks because of the side bows, so cute!

one-piece cut-out

4. Agent Provocateur 

This one-shoulder piece is going to soften your top half while the asymmetric cut-out calls attention to all your curves. It’s the perfect combination to get that feminine beach-body shape we all adore. This color is also perfect for summer so you can’t go wrong!

one-piece cut-out

5. Marysia

If you love the Bohemian look this is the perfect summer suit. The royal blue is super striking so nobody will be looking at your shoulders. Even if they were this top is going to make your shoulders look super sleek and feminine so let them stare…you’ve got nothing to hide.

one-piece one-shoulder



High-end Designer Handbags à la Trendlee

trendlee designer bag

trendlee designer bag

trendlee designer handbag

Trendlee is your new go to if your looking for high-end designer handbags without the outrageous prices. They attain pre-owned luxurious handbags, from other equally obsessed with all things posh  individuals, and pass on the high discounts to their clientele. With quality being of super importance to Trendlee they only resale bags that are in great condition, which is super important. Whether you’re an Hermes, Celine, or Chanel type of girl they’ve got you covered but you better get there fast because it’s very rare for them to have more than one of the same item.

The lovely thing about a high-end designer bag is if you get the right one you’ll be able to use it for years. Of course you’ll want to make sure the bag matches your personality and is one you’re comfortable holding when out and about. Don’t go for a bag that doesn’t appeal to you because you’ll bore of it quickly. Trendlee has a lovely selection of bags that will match your quirks and really elevate your style!

Oh…before I forget. The darling people at Trendlee are giving my readers a 5% discount with the code LILIBUZZ at checkout. Seriously, you can’t miss this deal dolls!

Lili <3.