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Home Made Lip Scrub


There are so many lovely things about the winter season that we tend to forget the dreaded…dry skin. Of course we lather ourselves with moisturizers galore to combat this issue, but we tend to forget one crucial area, our lips. Healthy soft lips are a must for all those mistletoe kisses and lovely shades of burgundy in during the season. Let’s face it, no matter how your shade slays, if your lips are dry and peeling it just not going to be cute.

While I’ve used lip scrubs from my favorite beauty brands before I tend to like the homemade version much more! Combining some of my favorite moisturizing products to form the perfect lip scrub has been a life saver for my pout. Simple ingredients like peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, and coffee grounds make a great team when fighting dryness. 

Peppermint essential oil is a natural moisturizer and can heal your lips, if the dry weather has already done it’s job of chapping and peeling them. Coconut oil isn’t just a super skin thirst quencher it’s also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Coffee grounds are the perfect ingredient to add to a lip scrub because they’re softer than sugar and just right for the more softer areas.

Once a week, or whenever you feel your lips are getting a little too dry, take 1tsp of the coffee grounds from your morning coffee, add 1/4 coconut oil, and 1 drop of peppermint essential oil. Mix it together, apply it to your lips and gently scrub your lips. I actually like to use it in the shower because skin is softer and much easier to remove. When you’re done your lips are going to be super soft and ready to be kissed all night long! 😉